Cloud Computing

The advantages of cloud computing include lower hardware costs, automatic software upgrades and reliable data security. PC Quest helps organizations of all sizes ease the transition from physical to virtual to cloud computing. Our pragmatic, proven approach incorporates people, process, technology and architecture.

Modern computer hardware and software requires increasingly frequent updates and upgrades. For many SMBs (small- to mid-sized businesses), it can seem like your computer system is outdated and depreciated as soon as you purchase it.

One solution is to move the bulk of your computing resources to a secure, remote server. Usually, cloud computing solutions offer backups and redundancies to protect your organization from downtime, and all software is automatically updated to the latest version.

Benefits of cloud computing include:

  • Lower costs: Paying a smaller monthly fee for software can avoid a big up-front cost. Moving most of your computing power to the cloud means lower equipment costs.
  • Always updated: Your software is updated to the latest version, without needing to manage updates and installations yourself.
  • Cheaper memory: Adding disk space to your PCs is usually more expensive than expanding storage in the cloud.
  • Reduced risk: Security is handled by your hosting company, usually including backups and redundancies.
  • Improved access: Files and programs are available over the web from nearly anywhere with an internet connection.

In addition, employees frequently work away from the office, either because of business travel or telecommuting arrangements. It’s important to provide a secure remote working solution to avoid lost productivity. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows you and your employees to work in a secure environment from anywhere.

PC Quest can set up VPN links to join branch offices, allowing you to transfer files easily and quickly, share databases and gain access to applications. Using VPN, you can open and use applications and files as if you were at your office workstation, from a laptop or home computer.

If you’re ready to start working from the cloud, or empowering your employees with a VPN, give us a call. We’ll help you develop a plan that fits your needs and budget.

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