Professional IT Services

Our IT services are performed on-site by qualified IT program managers. We feature reliable, expert service and solutions at competitive pricing.

When you need fast, expert help setting up, maintaining and managing your business computer systems, turn to PC Quest.

Networking Services

PC Quest has expertise in installing and supporting Microsoft networking products. Our goal is to provide a well-designed, stable and secure network environment. Our IT staff is experienced with:

  • MS Windows 8, 2008 and 2012
  • MS Exchange server
  • Wireless networks
  • Network hubs, routers, switches and adapters
  • Computer/telephony interfaces
  • Cabling
  • Remote access and VPNs

Firewall Installation and Setup

Most businesses access the internet daily. This can leave you vulnerable to problems. PC Quest can install and configure your firewall to provide optimum protection without limiting your ability to perform daily tasks. Your system will be fortified where you access the internet – the gateway, firewall and router.

Incoming traffic will be scanned for risks like spyware, viruses, worms, and spam. You can also prevent employee usage of non-work related applications and sites. These can slow down your network, lead to loss of data, or infect your entire network, as well as representing a productivity problem.

Backup Service

Regular backups are vital to prevent data loss in the event of computer failure, worms, errors in data entry, database corruption and external events such as fire, theft or malicious damage. PC Quest can provide a properly designed, documented and maintained backup system.

We’ll come to your office, assess your situation and craft a plan that suits your needs. We offer both on-site and off-site backup services.

Off-Site Backup

Our off-site backup service transmits your encrypted data to our offsite backup server. Your backup will be scheduled to run automatically before and after business hours. A simple interface allows you to set what data will be backed up, and how often. An off-site backup is cheaper than a tape drive. You’ll receive a daily email from PC Quest confirming your backup, along with any issues encountered and the amount of data currently in storage. Our off-site backup requires a broadband connection.

Disaster Recovery

Most small businesses don’t have an IT disaster recovery plan. What will you do in the case of a catastrophe due to fire, theft, vandalism, natural disasters or hardware failure? We’ll create a plan to get you up and running quickly, with no lost data and very little down time.

Don’t discount the importance of disaster recovery! Some things to consider:

  • An offsite backup of your data isn’t enough—you need to restore programs as well.
  • Will you still have access to license numbers, serial numbers, passwords, etc.?
  • Do you have staff who know how to restore the data? Or documentation?
  • How valuable are your data and programs to your business? Insure that investment accordingly.

Hardware & Software

PC Quest can recommend and supply reliable hardware product ranges to their business customers.

  • Custom Surveillance Solutions Price Sheet
  • PC Quest Product List
  • Business Workstations Price Sheet

No matter what your technology issue, PC Quest can help, quickly and affordably! Contact us today.

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PC Quest provides Computer Repair, Computer Maintenance, Networking and multi-platform IT services while delivering superior resolution to client/server hardware and software challenges.


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