Managed Services

Imagine never performing another data backup, worrying about a computer meltdown, or ordering another toner cartridge. It’s taken care of automatically. The best part is, it often costs less.

SMBs (small to mid sized businesses) must keep a close eye on expenses. You may not have the budget for full-time tech support staff. But, without reliable, expert support to recommend preventative maintenance or troubleshoot problems, hardware and software issues could end up costing you more in lost productivity, replacement costs and avoidable repairs.

PC Quest has the solution—our dependable, full-service managed services plan takes care of all of your technical needs with one easy, efficient point of contact. Join our growing list of clients, and start taking advantage of our comprehensive IT support plan:

  • Value: We offer affordable, customizable plans to accommodate any budget, saving you thousands of dollars per year when compared to full-time IT salaries.
  • Speed: Don’t wait hours—or even days—for emails and calls to be returned. PC Quest guarantees prompt, same-day attention for your issues, even on evenings and weekends.
  • Expertise: Your operating systems, networks, and workstations are critical to your day-to-day operations. Trust PC Quest. Our 15+ years of experience providing professional, results-oriented tech support means we’re always up-to-date with the latest technologies.

Why Choose Managed Services?

Even without a critical failure, your computer systems demand ongoing maintenance. Don’t burden non-technical employees with these distracting tasks. Let us serve as your full-service IT department.

We don’t just fix what’s broken—we continually monitor your computer systems and make proactive recommendations to prevent downtime and loss of data.

From operating system upgrades to software renewals, we’ll take care of all aspects of keeping your computer systems running smoothly. A managed services plan lets you and your employees focus on what’s most important—your business.

We provide weekly and monthly reporting to all managed services clients. You’ll be notified of all upgrades, patches, and other regular maintenance, as well as any issues we detected and resolved. Tired of wasting time and money? Contact us today to customize a plan to fit your business!

About Us

PC Quest provides Computer Repair, Computer Maintenance, Networking and multi-platform IT services while delivering superior resolution to client/server hardware and software challenges.


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